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Name:AKMJ-FS series Medium Frequency Resonanc...

Model:  AKMJ-FS series 
Specification:  GB/T2423 idt IEC60068-2    
Use:Induction heating power supply
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Feature:Metallized film non-inductive winding,.E...


  ◆ Metallized film non-inductive winding,.Excellent self-healing property.
  ◆ Flame retardant plastic case installation, high performance flame retardant epoxy resin encapsulation. Performance is 
   stable and reliable
  ◆ Lower ESR, can withstand larger Irms and Peak-peak current Ipp
  ◆ Special metallized electrode structure, can withstand higher aperiodicity peak voltage Us
  ◆ Cu nut/screw lead wire, with mounting holes fix the base, installation simply
  ◆ Novel appearance, reasonable structure
● Applications
  ◆Induction heating power supply
  ◆ High frequency power supply
  ◆ The X-ray machine, medical treatment, pulse, laser, static, high pressure generator ect. high voltage power supply
●Technological characteristics 
  ◆ Internal connection parts: special machining equipment, adopt standardized manufacture, to ensure the internal connection reliability and lower ESR
  ◆ Core heat styling: vacuum heat styling to ensure that the expected service life of the product
  ◆ Internal welding: using professional temperature control soldering iron to further ensure welding effect consistency
  ◆Terminal positioning: using specialized technological equipment produce, to ensure capacitor terminal dimensional precision, great convenience for the customers products parallel installed effectively.

AKMJ-FS series Medium Frequency Resonance power electronic capacitor
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