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Name:BSMJ - FT series self-healing type low v...

Model:  BSMJ - FT series self-healing type 
Specification:  2.15UN /10s 3600VAC /2s    
Use:Paralleled in 50/60 Hz frequency, rated ...
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Feature: Internal connection parts: special mach...


  ◆ BSMJ series self-healing shunt power capacitor, it is mainly used for improving the power factor of electrical power system, and make up for power system reactive power of inductive load, improve the quality of voltage, reduce the line loss, save power
  ◆ Adopting reasonable coating structure, metallized polypropylene film non-inductive winding , and 
   greatly improve the product reliable performance and the lifetime is up to 100000 hours
  ◆ Oval or square iron case, in order to avoid collision damage to appearance sand blasting
 process is a dopted for the appearance , not easy to rust
  ◆ Capacitor unit immersion oil, no liquid oil in case ,Combination the advantages of oil-immersed 
   capacitor and dry capacitor, Internal compact structure, rational layout.
  ◆ Unique over pressure explosion-proof technology, capacitor failure mode only shows in open circuit
  ◆ Terminal is novel, easy connection and combination between capacitors, The actual loss is less than
   0.1% , low energy consumption and low temperature rise
  ◆ Long working life, good energy saving effect; Fixed installation feet removable, product 
   appearance delicate and beautiful, Small volume, light weight
  ◆ Paralleled in 50/60 Hz frequency, rated voltage below 1 kv and AC power system, reduce the line loss, improve power factor and  improve the voltage quality
●Technological characteristics 
  ◆ Internal connection parts: special machining equipment, adopt standardized manufacture, to ensure the internal connection
      reliability and lower ESR
  ◆ Internal welding: using professional temperature control soldering iron to further ensure welding effect consistency
  ◆ Internal connection: using special fixture positioning, ensure welding effect consistency

●Reference standard
  ◆ GB/T 12747.1-2004 idt IEC 60831 – 1:1996《Nominal voltage  including 1KV and below , AC power system with self-healing type parallel capacitor , Part 1: General Rules - performance, test and quota - safety requirements ¬ - guidelines for the installation and operation》
  ◆ GB/T 12747.2-2004 idt IEC 60831-95: in the《Nominal voltage including 1KV and below, AC power system with self-healing type parallel capacitor Part 2: aging test, self-healing test and destruction test》

BSMJ - FT series self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor
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