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CL21S(MES) CL21S are non-inductively ... Widely used in filter noise suppression and low pulse circuits 63V:0.001~0.68µF 100V:0.001~0.33µF Enter
CL21(MEF) wide capacity range, the v... With DC and signals to VHF with DC blocking, bypass and coupling. Widely used in filtering, noise reduction, low pulse circuits. 50/63/100V:0.1~10.0µF 160/250V:0.047~10.0µF 400V:0.01~4.7µF 630V:0.01~2.2µF Enter
CL21-B(MEB) CL21-B are non-inductively... Wide capacitance range.small size;Life due to self-healing effect;Suitable for blocing,by-pass and coupling of DC and singles to VHF range; Widely used in filter,noise suppression and low pulse circuits 630VDC:0.0033~1µF 400VDC:0.0056~2.5µF Enter
CL20(MET/MEA) CL20(MET/MEA) are non-indu... Suitable for and coupling of DC and signals to VHF range.Widely used in filter,noise suppression and low pulse Circuits 250VDC:0.01~4.7µF 400VDC:0.01~2.2µF 630V:0.01~1µF Enter
CL11(PEI) Epoxy resin vacuum-dipped ... widely sued in DC and pulse circuits of radio.TV sets and various electronic equipments. 50/63/100V:0.001~0.47µF 160V:0.001~0.27µF 250/400V:0.001~0.1µF Enter
CL21X(MEF MINI) The small size can be comp... Widely used in filter, noise suppression and low pulse circuits 50/63V:0.01~1.0µF Enter
CL71(MEMB) This kind of capacitor app... It can be widely applied in all kinds of circuit of DC and pulse 50/63V:0.001~1.0µF 100V:0.001~0.33µF Enter

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